Leatherback Turtle Nesting Trip

Leatherback Turtle Nesting Trip

October 15th through February 15th

This trip depends on the high tide and availability. If you are thinking about this trip please contact me in advance. I need to make a reservation with the park

The leatherback turtle is the largest (around 700 pounds) and rarest turtle in the ocean and close by is one of the most important nesting sites in the Pacific.
You will be picked up at your hotel or home, then we will drive 1 hour down the coast where we check in at the national park, once there they will show us a video about the park and explain the procedures when/if the turtles come. Because the leatherbacks are close to extinction in the Pacific they are very strict at the park. When the turtles come to shore we will have to walk on the beach to where the turtle is, this might be a few meters or several hundred meters. Then we will hopefully be able to see her dig the nest, lay the eggs and bury the eggs.
The trip includes transportation, guide, park fees and some drinks (water, soda, beer)

The cost is $60 per person. 4 Person Minimum.

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